Saturday, March 26, 2011

Keeping Busy Through My Taper

Last night Keith had some of his friends over to watch the OSU game!! Believe it or not the house was all in one piece after they left!!
I ran 11 miles this morning on the trails at Mohican. I did the x-terra course which included what we call the "big ass hill"!! If you have not gone up the hill before and are running the PR race, beware!!!! It was a cold but sunny morning and such a beautiful one at that!! I think I could have stayed out there all day!!
Kyle, his girlfriend , Megan and a friend of his, Ben came for lunch this afternoon!! They didn't stay long but it was good to see everyone :) Kyle was to run at Oberlin today, but it was canceled due to cold weather. I don't think he was too disappointed!!
Good luck to everyone running the Fools race tomorrow. I will be volunteering and freezing to death. I will be wearing my snow pants and parka :)
6 days and counting for Umstead.....................

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