Thursday, March 31, 2011

Umstead Week

Sunday 3-27-11 Volunteered at the Fools 25k and 50k race. It was nice to be on the other side of things for a change!! It was exactly what I needed going into Umstead :) No running for me that day!!

Monday 3-28-11 10.5 miles on the x-terra course at MO!! Did abs and push-ups

Tuesday 3-29-11 6.5 miles at MO. More abs and push-ups. Keith had his first track meet of the season. 2nd in the 4x1oo and 4x400 and 3rd in the open 400 with a time of 57. He was not happy at all but it's early!!

Wednesday 3-30-11 Nothing - Starting to get nervous and doubt myself :(

Thursday 3-31-11 5 miles on the road. We will be leaving for NC this evening. Everything is packed and I guess I'm ready!! Kyle won the the class election at OWU and is now the Senior President for next year!! WOW!! He will be running in Virginia this weekend. Keith will be running at the Newcomerstown Relays on Friday. Good luck to both!!

This is it until after Umstead!! May God look over me and all the other runners!! Let the force be with me..........

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