Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Run

The last run of the year was a good one :) I got 10.5 miles in on the trails at Mohican!! It's my favorite place to run and is a great place to go just to be you!!!!!!

The trails were mostly uncovered by the snow due to the warm weather we have had in the last couple of days. At times there was snow, then ice, mixed with mud. Just the way trail running should be!! This morning at 9am it was almost 50 degrees and partly cloudy. What a way to end the year!!! It was great to be in shorts which made it feel like spring! There is something really neat about running in the snow, in shorts!!! You gotta love it!!!!!!

I went at an easy pace because of tomorrow's 50k at Granville. It's just a FA that is being put on by Jay Smithberger. It should be a good time with good friends!!!!! Nothing hard just lots of miles :) Oh, I also did a lift.

As for the new year, no resolutions made here!! I usually make a couple and never keep them, so this year I won't make any and maybe I'll be able to accomplish some things that I normally wouldn't throughout the year!! Who knows :) All I really want is for my family to stay healthy, happy and to accomplish all their goals and dreams!!!

As for my running, this year has had many ups and downs!!! Starting with 2 DNF 100 milers which was a real kick in the butt for me since this was the first time I have not finished a race!!! I had some 50k wins but no PR's and am proud to have won the Western Reserve Trail Series and to have finished Oil Creek 100 but with a slow time. I think sometimes us runners are never satisfied with ourselves!!!! Most of all, I am happy to have met so many wonderful people out on the trails that have inspired me and pushed me beyond my limits!! Thank you, all!!!!!

Turning 50 this year has also been a bit rough!!! Getting my first grand master award was a bit depressing but at the some time a great honor. I am proud to be able to inspire people by my accomplishments even at my age!!!! I think it's more of mental thing but I can tell my body is slowing down and taking a bit longer to get moving. I am determined to keep pushing until I can't go anymore!!!

Everyone have a great evening and stay safe..............

Thursday, December 30, 2010


For some reason, this holiday season has caused me to become very lazy!!!! Other than getting ready for Christmas, I have not been doing much of anything :( It's called being burned out!!!

About the only thing I have been doing is getting my runs in and those are only half- hearted!!! It has been so hard for me to get up in the morning and all I want to do is sleep!! I haven't got anything done around the house and find myself taking multiple naps during the day. The house is in deperate need of cleaning and I do what needs to be done and that's it. I finally went grocery shopping today, since before Christmas. The kids were complaining about not having anything to eat so I decided, it was time!! I think I have become one of those no fun moms who sit around on their butt all day and do nothing!! My kids are always asking me what's the matter and I tell them I'm in desperate need of rest but not to worry because at the first of the year, I will be back to my normal self!!! I guess everybody needs a break!!!! I think it's kind of a mental injury and a couple of weeks off should heal everything!!!!

Anyway, last week's training looked like this........

Thrusday 12-23-10 10.5 miles on the road and lifted weights

Friday 12-24-10 6 miles on the road Christmas with the Lemke side

Saturday 12-25-10 8 miles on the road Merry Christmas to all and Happy Birthday to my Dad who turned 80 on Christmas!!! A great Christmas morning with the boys and then the afternoon with my side of the family!!

Sunday 12-26-10 17.5 miles at CVNP for the Waterfall Run and the Western Reserve Trail Series Banquet. Congrats to all the award winners!!!!

Monday 12-27-10 10.5 miles on the trails with Don Baun and Zac Huff and then lifted weights. I have decided not to do Boot camp this month and concentrate on my running. I think I will start spinning class three times a week at the beginning on the year.

Tuesday 12-28-10 6 miles on the road and felt terrible. I think I had some type of achy flu :( Didn't feel good the entire day!!

Wednesday 12-29-10 10.5 miles on the trails and lifted weights

Thrusday(today) 12-30-10 8.5 miles on the roads that were icy!!!!! No swimming the entire week :(

I need to get my act together in the next couple days and decide what races I want to do in the new year. So far I have the Regis 50k and Umstead 100. It's TIME TO GET SERIOUS :))))

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Even though the past week has been very busy with Christmas stuff, I am starting to realize how important it is to rest your body. Since I have not had time to do my regular workout routine and my schedule is off, I am realizing how much better I feel!! I am being forced to take total days off and have been limiting my runs, swims and not as much lifting or boot camp classes. This forced rest, is making my runs sooooo much better and I actually am not exhausted all the time!! Maybe there is something to this rest thing!!!!!

Anyways........ we will see if I can break this cycle and continue to be nice to myself!!!!

For today, I ran 9 miles on the road and swam 1.25 miles with 450yd pull. Don't ask me why I stopped at 9, I just happened to be at the front door when the garmin hit 9 miles. That's all folks :) Now I am baking and getting supper ready with a smile on my face!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis The Season!!!

The last week has been very busy!! It is all alittle overwhelming!!! So many things to get done before Christmas and I'm running out of time!! I promise myself every year that I won't wait until the last minute to get things done but once again, I'm scrambling!!!!

My running and workout routine has suffered, much to my dismay :( I have been trying to get things done like last minute shopping, Christmas wrapping, baking, extra cooking because all the boys are home(which is a good thing), this means more trips to the grocery store and extra Christmas shopping for the in laws, because of a death in the family. This causes me to be like a real bear!!!!! I think I enjoy Christmas more, after it is over!!

My training log since last Wednesday 12-15-10........

Thrusday 12-16-10 10.5 miles on the trails and lifted weights
Friday 12-17-10 boot camp at 5am followed by 10 miles on the trails with Don Baun. Kyle came home from OWU for winter break!! Went out for dinner with the whole family which was real nice!!
Saturday 12-18-10 12 miles on the trails but was nervous because of deer hunting for the weekend!! Probably wasn't the smartest idea!!
Sunday 12-19-10 Ran 5 miles with the Mansfield Y run club at the Hair Of The Dog Run. This is a run that has aid stations with alcohol!!! After I got home, I ran another 5 miles for a total of 10 miles for the day. Calling services for Mark's Uncle Eddie :(
Monday 12-20-10 DAY OFF!!!!! Went to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame with Keith's history class
Tuesday 12-21-10 10.5 miles on the road. Felt pretty good, I think due to a day of rest!! Lifted weights

Tis The Season..................

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Old Man winter, Already!!!!!

For some reason, this cold weather has been tearing at my soul!!!

The last couple of days, running and life in general has been a real struggle :( I should be in the Christmas spirit but instead, I'm tired, achy, crabby, lazy, sluggish and not in all in the mood for all the things I need to be doing to get ready for Christmas, like shopping, wrapping and baking!!

As for my running, I think the cold and snowy weather is taking a toll on this old body!! It has been extremely hard on me running in the cold and sloppy weather. The last cou;le of days, I have just wanted to cry after my runs!! It has just been beating me up!! Maybe, once I get use to the weather, I'll be ok????

Yesterday 12-14-10, I ran 6.5 miles on horrible, slick roads and swam 1.25 miles.

Today 12-15-10, Boot camp, 7 miles on the road, 1 and 1/2 mile swim with 500yd pull and a 45 min. spin class.

Monday, December 13, 2010


After Bigfoot 50k

Monday 12-6-10 Very, very sore quads - no boot camp and no running. Swam 1.25 miles that included 450yd pull and a 45 min. spin class.

Tuesday 12-7-10 The quads are still sore. Almost feels like someone had been hitting them with hammers!! Managed to run 11.5 miles on snow covered trails with Don Baun and Zac Huff.

Wednesday 12-8-10 Boot camp, 6 mile run, and 1.25 mile swim

Thrusday 12-9-10 7 mile run on the road and finally feeling good :) Lifted weights

Friday 12-10-10 No boot camp because of the snowy roads. 8.5 miles on the roads in the am and lifted weights. Run #2 on the trails in the pm for 7.5 miles. Total - 16 miles

Saturday 12-11-10 6.5 miles on the trails in the am and then an entire day of Christmas shopping!!!!

Sunday 12-12-10 12 miles on the road, 5 of the miles Mark ran with me. It was a cold, wet, and sloppy run that turned into snow before I was done!! Lifted weights

Monday 12-13-10 No boot camp AGAIN because of the weather!! 6 miles in the am on the snow covered roads and it was very cold and windy!! Lifted weights. 6 miles in the pm on the dreadmill. Total - 12 miles Keith was happy with a day off of school :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bigfoot 50k

This past Sunday,12-5-10 was the Bigfoot 50k at Salt Fork State Park near Cambridge , OH. I entred a couple of months ago, thinking that it would be a good way to end the year!! It was but I had to battle through it, even before the race started!

The day before the race, I was in a bad mood and was wishing I didn't enter the race. Since I had already signed up there was no turning back but I wasn't happy and I sure didn't feel like running a 50k in the cold and snow!!

Mark and I got up at 3:30am to make the 1hr and 45 min trip down to the Salt Fork Lodge. We got there in plenty of time to check -in and do all my pre-race rituals. It was great to see many of my running friends, with quick hellos and hugs, before the race started at 7:00am. The start was cold and windy with snow on the ground and flurries on the way!

The race consisted of three 10+ mile laps, with about 2 miles of it on the road. I felt good at the beginning not pushing myself which caused me to get slightly behind. No worries, I was going to run on how I felt! Got in with a group of about four guys, that included Dave Essingler, and we seemed to set a good pace. I tried to run most of the first lap with the exception of the two very steep hills. We got a little lost on our way back to the lodge but no big deal, only cost us a couple of minutes!!

With the first loop done, I was still feeling good and managed to run the second loop as fast as the first, 1hr and 44min. plus catching the second place woman. I did slip going down a hill on the second loop and ended up sliding on my butt but no damage done except for a little bruising :)

It was the third time around, that started to give me trouble! At the beginning of the third loop, I was able to stay up with Dave, which helped me keep the pace. Half way through that last loop, the wheels sort of fell off and I started to struggle! The wind was blowing hard on the road section and my quads were really hurting. I thought I couldn't pick my legs up one more time!! I pressed on, walking more this time around and losing time! The finish line was on an uphill which hurt like crazy! I know I must of looked miserable at the finish but everyone was so nice by telling me how good I looked and what a strong finish! We all knew better!! lol Time 5:24:18, 2nd female and 10th overall. Can't quite figure out my slow time and sore quads because three weeks ago, I ran Bill's 50k Bad Ass on a much harder course and a faster time plus no soreness. It might have to do with no tapering and long downhills!! Who knows????? Overall, I'm please but mad at myself for having to walk some on the third lap!!

A big thank you to Vince Rucci and Brandon Huff for putting on yet another great race!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day Off

Kyle today at the Marietta College track meet
Today is a day of complete rest!! I need to be somewhat rested for tomorrow's 50k!! I guess it's a good thing but I have been in a bad mood all day!!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

More Of The Same

Keith and Kate after making their gingerbread house.
Nothing much exciting has been happening! I do wish for the summer months back!! Maybe not the 90 degree weather but 70 degree warm, sunshine would be nice!! Winter is here, however, so I had just better get use to it!!

Yesterday(12-2-10) I ran with Don Baun and Haley Young for 5 miles on the road. I ended up with 6 miles because of the 1/2 mile from my house down to the fieldhouse, where we met. It was a nice pleasant run but cold!!

Today(12-3-10) Boot camp, 5 miles and 1 mile swim. I guess that is my taper for Bigfoot 50k :) I'm not really sure I want to run the race :( Just not into the end of the year racing, I guess. Plus, I'm just TIRED!! As I said before, I don't like the cold and I do believe that it will be cold and snowy on Sunday! The name of the game at this point in the year, is to have FUN!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone and stay WARM!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wind, Cold and Snow!!!

Of course, when I get ready for my run this morning, it just had to be blizzard like conditions!! After running in shorts and a long sleeve shirt yesterday, today was the complete opposite. I think that I was just not prepared for the weather but it was down right miserable!! The snow was coming down hard, the wind was blowing and the roads were slippery!! Gotta love it, NOT!!!!!!!


Boot camp at 6am, 6 mile run, 1.25 mile swim that included 5x25 yds and 5x50 yds sprints followed by 500yd pull. I did some errands and then back to the Y for a 45 min. spin class. TIRED :)

The next three days will definitely be easy so I can rest for Bigfoot on Sunday. I promise :) My body is tired!!!

Good news, today and news that I wasn't expecting!! I won the woman's division of the Western Reserve Trail Series!! Quite an honor :) Congrats to Mark Carroll for winning the men's division!! I would like to thank all my running friends for the hours you have spent training with me on the trails and all your inspirations!! It's been awesome and I'm looking forward to many more miles :)