Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wind, Cold and Snow!!!

Of course, when I get ready for my run this morning, it just had to be blizzard like conditions!! After running in shorts and a long sleeve shirt yesterday, today was the complete opposite. I think that I was just not prepared for the weather but it was down right miserable!! The snow was coming down hard, the wind was blowing and the roads were slippery!! Gotta love it, NOT!!!!!!!


Boot camp at 6am, 6 mile run, 1.25 mile swim that included 5x25 yds and 5x50 yds sprints followed by 500yd pull. I did some errands and then back to the Y for a 45 min. spin class. TIRED :)

The next three days will definitely be easy so I can rest for Bigfoot on Sunday. I promise :) My body is tired!!!

Good news, today and news that I wasn't expecting!! I won the woman's division of the Western Reserve Trail Series!! Quite an honor :) Congrats to Mark Carroll for winning the men's division!! I would like to thank all my running friends for the hours you have spent training with me on the trails and all your inspirations!! It's been awesome and I'm looking forward to many more miles :)

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