Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bigfoot 50k

This past Sunday,12-5-10 was the Bigfoot 50k at Salt Fork State Park near Cambridge , OH. I entred a couple of months ago, thinking that it would be a good way to end the year!! It was but I had to battle through it, even before the race started!

The day before the race, I was in a bad mood and was wishing I didn't enter the race. Since I had already signed up there was no turning back but I wasn't happy and I sure didn't feel like running a 50k in the cold and snow!!

Mark and I got up at 3:30am to make the 1hr and 45 min trip down to the Salt Fork Lodge. We got there in plenty of time to check -in and do all my pre-race rituals. It was great to see many of my running friends, with quick hellos and hugs, before the race started at 7:00am. The start was cold and windy with snow on the ground and flurries on the way!

The race consisted of three 10+ mile laps, with about 2 miles of it on the road. I felt good at the beginning not pushing myself which caused me to get slightly behind. No worries, I was going to run on how I felt! Got in with a group of about four guys, that included Dave Essingler, and we seemed to set a good pace. I tried to run most of the first lap with the exception of the two very steep hills. We got a little lost on our way back to the lodge but no big deal, only cost us a couple of minutes!!

With the first loop done, I was still feeling good and managed to run the second loop as fast as the first, 1hr and 44min. plus catching the second place woman. I did slip going down a hill on the second loop and ended up sliding on my butt but no damage done except for a little bruising :)

It was the third time around, that started to give me trouble! At the beginning of the third loop, I was able to stay up with Dave, which helped me keep the pace. Half way through that last loop, the wheels sort of fell off and I started to struggle! The wind was blowing hard on the road section and my quads were really hurting. I thought I couldn't pick my legs up one more time!! I pressed on, walking more this time around and losing time! The finish line was on an uphill which hurt like crazy! I know I must of looked miserable at the finish but everyone was so nice by telling me how good I looked and what a strong finish! We all knew better!! lol Time 5:24:18, 2nd female and 10th overall. Can't quite figure out my slow time and sore quads because three weeks ago, I ran Bill's 50k Bad Ass on a much harder course and a faster time plus no soreness. It might have to do with no tapering and long downhills!! Who knows????? Overall, I'm please but mad at myself for having to walk some on the third lap!!

A big thank you to Vince Rucci and Brandon Huff for putting on yet another great race!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy them all. You may wish to check out and even post on two Facebook pages. Run Columbus and High Performance Harrier Training