Monday, December 13, 2010


After Bigfoot 50k

Monday 12-6-10 Very, very sore quads - no boot camp and no running. Swam 1.25 miles that included 450yd pull and a 45 min. spin class.

Tuesday 12-7-10 The quads are still sore. Almost feels like someone had been hitting them with hammers!! Managed to run 11.5 miles on snow covered trails with Don Baun and Zac Huff.

Wednesday 12-8-10 Boot camp, 6 mile run, and 1.25 mile swim

Thrusday 12-9-10 7 mile run on the road and finally feeling good :) Lifted weights

Friday 12-10-10 No boot camp because of the snowy roads. 8.5 miles on the roads in the am and lifted weights. Run #2 on the trails in the pm for 7.5 miles. Total - 16 miles

Saturday 12-11-10 6.5 miles on the trails in the am and then an entire day of Christmas shopping!!!!

Sunday 12-12-10 12 miles on the road, 5 of the miles Mark ran with me. It was a cold, wet, and sloppy run that turned into snow before I was done!! Lifted weights

Monday 12-13-10 No boot camp AGAIN because of the weather!! 6 miles in the am on the snow covered roads and it was very cold and windy!! Lifted weights. 6 miles in the pm on the dreadmill. Total - 12 miles Keith was happy with a day off of school :)

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