Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Run

The last run of the year was a good one :) I got 10.5 miles in on the trails at Mohican!! It's my favorite place to run and is a great place to go just to be you!!!!!!

The trails were mostly uncovered by the snow due to the warm weather we have had in the last couple of days. At times there was snow, then ice, mixed with mud. Just the way trail running should be!! This morning at 9am it was almost 50 degrees and partly cloudy. What a way to end the year!!! It was great to be in shorts which made it feel like spring! There is something really neat about running in the snow, in shorts!!! You gotta love it!!!!!!

I went at an easy pace because of tomorrow's 50k at Granville. It's just a FA that is being put on by Jay Smithberger. It should be a good time with good friends!!!!! Nothing hard just lots of miles :) Oh, I also did a lift.

As for the new year, no resolutions made here!! I usually make a couple and never keep them, so this year I won't make any and maybe I'll be able to accomplish some things that I normally wouldn't throughout the year!! Who knows :) All I really want is for my family to stay healthy, happy and to accomplish all their goals and dreams!!!

As for my running, this year has had many ups and downs!!! Starting with 2 DNF 100 milers which was a real kick in the butt for me since this was the first time I have not finished a race!!! I had some 50k wins but no PR's and am proud to have won the Western Reserve Trail Series and to have finished Oil Creek 100 but with a slow time. I think sometimes us runners are never satisfied with ourselves!!!! Most of all, I am happy to have met so many wonderful people out on the trails that have inspired me and pushed me beyond my limits!! Thank you, all!!!!!

Turning 50 this year has also been a bit rough!!! Getting my first grand master award was a bit depressing but at the some time a great honor. I am proud to be able to inspire people by my accomplishments even at my age!!!! I think it's more of mental thing but I can tell my body is slowing down and taking a bit longer to get moving. I am determined to keep pushing until I can't go anymore!!!

Everyone have a great evening and stay safe..............

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