Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Even though the past week has been very busy with Christmas stuff, I am starting to realize how important it is to rest your body. Since I have not had time to do my regular workout routine and my schedule is off, I am realizing how much better I feel!! I am being forced to take total days off and have been limiting my runs, swims and not as much lifting or boot camp classes. This forced rest, is making my runs sooooo much better and I actually am not exhausted all the time!! Maybe there is something to this rest thing!!!!!

Anyways........ we will see if I can break this cycle and continue to be nice to myself!!!!

For today, I ran 9 miles on the road and swam 1.25 miles with 450yd pull. Don't ask me why I stopped at 9, I just happened to be at the front door when the garmin hit 9 miles. That's all folks :) Now I am baking and getting supper ready with a smile on my face!!!

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Kim said...

Schedule in those rest days just like you schedule in a swim. Be accountable to those appts, just like you are to the workouts.
Merry Christmas!