Thursday, December 30, 2010


For some reason, this holiday season has caused me to become very lazy!!!! Other than getting ready for Christmas, I have not been doing much of anything :( It's called being burned out!!!

About the only thing I have been doing is getting my runs in and those are only half- hearted!!! It has been so hard for me to get up in the morning and all I want to do is sleep!! I haven't got anything done around the house and find myself taking multiple naps during the day. The house is in deperate need of cleaning and I do what needs to be done and that's it. I finally went grocery shopping today, since before Christmas. The kids were complaining about not having anything to eat so I decided, it was time!! I think I have become one of those no fun moms who sit around on their butt all day and do nothing!! My kids are always asking me what's the matter and I tell them I'm in desperate need of rest but not to worry because at the first of the year, I will be back to my normal self!!! I guess everybody needs a break!!!! I think it's kind of a mental injury and a couple of weeks off should heal everything!!!!

Anyway, last week's training looked like this........

Thrusday 12-23-10 10.5 miles on the road and lifted weights

Friday 12-24-10 6 miles on the road Christmas with the Lemke side

Saturday 12-25-10 8 miles on the road Merry Christmas to all and Happy Birthday to my Dad who turned 80 on Christmas!!! A great Christmas morning with the boys and then the afternoon with my side of the family!!

Sunday 12-26-10 17.5 miles at CVNP for the Waterfall Run and the Western Reserve Trail Series Banquet. Congrats to all the award winners!!!!

Monday 12-27-10 10.5 miles on the trails with Don Baun and Zac Huff and then lifted weights. I have decided not to do Boot camp this month and concentrate on my running. I think I will start spinning class three times a week at the beginning on the year.

Tuesday 12-28-10 6 miles on the road and felt terrible. I think I had some type of achy flu :( Didn't feel good the entire day!!

Wednesday 12-29-10 10.5 miles on the trails and lifted weights

Thrusday(today) 12-30-10 8.5 miles on the roads that were icy!!!!! No swimming the entire week :(

I need to get my act together in the next couple days and decide what races I want to do in the new year. So far I have the Regis 50k and Umstead 100. It's TIME TO GET SERIOUS :))))

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