Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Probably To Much, Oh, Well

The above picture is of the boys on Thanksgiving and for some reason they all hate to get their picture taken!!

I have gotten a little behind on my blog, so here is a recap of the last five days........

Friday 11-26-10 Met at the Covered Bridge at MO with Michael Patton, Steve Zeidner, Mark Carroll, Lindsey Brokaw, and Cheryl Splain. To everyone's surprise, both entrances to the CB were closed and by the time we decided on what to do, the rangers came and opened the road, so we were good to go. Everybody stayed together for the first five miles, which was part purple loop and then on a trail which I think ended up being the Stage Coach trail. From there, everyone ended up running different distances. I attempted to hang with Michael and Stephen for 21 miles. They were kind enough to slow down every once in a while so I could catch up!! It was a good run for me, do to the fact that I pushed myself but not to the extent of exhaustion :)

Saturday 11-27-10 Ran once again at MO, this time on my own. I did the 11 mile x-terra course and surprisingly felt good :) That was about all that was good on that day! I am not in the Christmas mood at all and my attempt to put up decorations only put me in a VERY bad mood! It is just one more thing to do and seems like a real chore this year!! Hopefully, this will change as the holiday continues!! Kyle left to go back to school, which is always a struggle for me!! I always hate when the boys leave!!

Sunday 11-28-10 Another run at MO!! I want to get my fill because this week is deer gun season and it won't be safe to be in the woods. Mark went out with me this time. We parked his car at the PR start and then drove my car to the trail head by the Firetower. We ran 9 miles to Mark's car on the bike trail starting somewhere before mile 16. He stopped at his car and I ran back and then had to add on for a total of 20 miles. The legs were tired by the end but over all a good run!!

Monday 11-29-10 Boot camp in the am, 6 mile run on the roads and 1.25 mile swim. By the time I got home, I felt like I was getting the flu but I think the last three days had finally caught up to me and my body was crying out for some rest!! I slept most of the afternoon and ate a good meal which brought me out of the funk!!! Not a great way to taper for Bigfoot 50k on Sunday, so I think I'll try to slow things up alittle and rest!! Well, maybe! LOL I'm not really planning to race on Sunday, so a big taper is not really necessary. I would just like to run a strong, solid race and alot will depend on the weather.

Tuesday 11-30-10 A very rainy day!!! Ran 6.5 miles but thankfully, the rain stopped for me and started back up just as I got done!! I ran into my friend, Haley, for a couple of miles. We had a good chat and it seems college life is treating her well :) Lifted weights and once again, attempted to put more decorations up. This time, I was in a much better mood :)

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