Monday, November 1, 2010

The Lemke Way

It was a fast and busy weekend, so I'll start on Friday 10-29-10

Boot camp in the AM followed by 1.25 mile swim with 450yd pull. No running do to the fact that I would be doing two races, well not really racing but I'll call them tempo runs :)
Keith had his last football game of his junior year against Fredricktown, who is state ranked. They ended up getting beat 40-14. At least they scored and no one got hurt!! Keith had a good game with around 16 tackles, 3 or 4 carries getting about 30 yds and 2 extra points! It has been a tough season for the boys and not all the blame falls on them. I won't dwell on the coaching but I hope things change for next year. I can only image how hard it is to coach these days. You can't make everybody happy!! Keith had a goal of 100 tackles for the year and passed that goal easily. He was second on the team for tackles and I think second in tackles for the Ashland area! He also played alot of offense this year but I am not sure of the stats yet and of course, he ended up being the team kicker which I'm sure will extend into next year!! So proud of him!! Now, the college hunt will begin so by next fall he will have an idea of where he would like to go to college. Right now, the big decision will be if he is going to play basketball. He played in elementary, jr.high, and his freshman year. Sat out his sophmore yr and now is thinking he should play again!! Stay tuned........

Saturday 10-30-10 - Mark and I got up and headed to the Mohican Lodge to do The Nu Race Trail Run. The race was for the Nu hop Camp for children and consisted of a four different races, a 3.5, 8, 13.5, 31. Mark did the 8 miler and I signed up for the 13.5. I felt good in the beginning and for some reason I found myself running with most of the 3 milers. Way too fast!!! We hit the lodge trail until we came to a trail called the stage coach trail on the other side of the road. I have never ran on that trail before and found it very hilly!! About half way through the race my dear old legs started to fail me!! I think the fast start and still being in recovery mode didn't help!! The stage coach hills had to be walked but I made it to the end for a first place finish for the women!! I won't mention the time but it was nothing to write home about!! It was great seeing Rob Powell and Joe Crawford, who did the 31 miler and Dawn Crawford who did the 8 miler. Congrats to all!! It was a nice race and for their first year, it was put together very well!!!

Sunday 10-31-10 - Happy Halloween!!! Once again, Mark and I got up very early, 2:30am, and headed up to CVNP to run Run With Scissors, marathon and double marathon. Last year, I ran the double but this year decided to only do the single because of only being 2 weeks out from the 100. The race started at 5 am which means most of the marathon would be run in the dark. Once again, I started out feeling good, running a fairly comfortable with friends that included Mark Carroll, Dan Bellinger, and Mike Keller. At about mile 16, the tiredness and fatigue started to set in and I was having trouble regulating my blood sugar. I made the stupid mistake of drinking gatoraide at the mile 10 aid station and it started to make my blood sugar crash! I had little cliff bars with me, that brought me out of it for awhile but then I would crash again! That kept going on for about 5 miles until I reached the last aid station were I could get some real food. Thank goodness Mike Keller was there to run with me and keep me going! Thanks, Mike!!! It really slowed me down, making my overall time rather depressing :( I did finish 2nd woman and 11th overall. A big thanks to Roy Hager and Shannon Fisher for putting on a top notch race! Also, thanks to all the volunteers, who stood in the cold helping the runners!

Monday 11-1-10 - 1 mile swim and 45 min. spinning class. No running!! I am thinking of dropping the boot camp class and going back to spinning! I love the boot camp class but maybe changing things up would be good for my body. Stay turned............................

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I did the 8 mile run at the nu race event... I've never had to stop and walk before, it was a really tough course! Here's my blog on the event: