Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sleepy and Sore

Getting up this morning was hard. This old body was sore from boot camp and my own lifting workout!!! It's nice to be back at it and I know in time the soreness will go away and I will be left with nothing but pure strenght, unless it kills me first!! LOL Once I was up and started to move around, I felt alot better :)

Decided to hit the roads again, thinking it would be better for my knee. Got in 8 miles around the little town of Loudonville!! The first 4 mile were great averaging around 8:30 pace but then the wheels fell off and I struggled to stay at 9:30 pace!! However, the knee felt pretty good, just alittle stiff. BE PATIENT, TERRI!!!!!

Even though I was extremely sore, I did my bicep workout with the weights after my run.

That's all for now folks...............................................

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