Monday, October 25, 2010

Stir Crazy

After a week of no running, I started to get alittle crazy!! Just ask my family!! I know I needed rest, both physically and mentally but by the end of the week, I was soooo ready to hit the trails!! My right knee was sore and swollen so I don't think I could have ran even if I wanted to :( It was a week of an emotional roller coaster with many highs and lows, not only with the fact that I wasn't running but their was also stress in the family!!

While I was out trying to finish my 100 miler last weekend, my oldest son, Corey was having his heart broken! I found this out after my finish, thank goodness!! His girlfriend decided she needed her "space" and time to have her own fun!! Corey was truely heartbroken!! So, this last week not only was I trying to recover from the 100, but I spent 4-5 very late nights trying to console him. If you are a parent, the worst thing in the world is to see your child hurting, especially when there is really nothing you can do but be there!! As he sobbed in my arms, I tried to take the hurt away but I guess only time can do that at this point!! I'm glad that I could be there for him and try to talk him through the rough times!

Friday night was parents night at the Loudonville staduim. I had the pleasure to be escorted by #14 Keith!! I am so proud of him!! He is turning into a fine young man!! The night ended in a big "W" for the Birds, 70-0, against Northridge!! The boys really had fun for a change!! Keith scored once and had about 10-11 tackles!! He has also taken the roll as the kicker, since the orginal kicker got hurt last weekend. He did a great job on the kick offs, putting 2 kicks into the end zone and made all 10 of the extra points!! What an exciting night!! The boys really deserved the win!!

My workouts for last week -

Mon 9-18-10 Nothing

Tues 9-19-10 Nothing

Wed 9-20-10 1 mile swim with 500yd pull

Thrus 9-21-10 1 mile swim with 450yd pull

Fri 9-22-10 Boot camp and 1 mile swim

Sat 9-23-10 Nothing

Sun 9-24-10 13 miles at Mohican and lifted weights. First run since the 100 so it was very easy. My knee was still bothering me so I had to be very careful not to slip or trip! It was so nice to be out running!!!!

Mon 9-25-10 Boot camp and 1.25 mile swim with 450yd pull

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