Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I hate the week leading up to a big race.! I always get so nervous, uptight and thinking way too much!!! This week leading up to Oil Creek 100 hasn't been any different. If anythhing else, It's been worse! All week, I have had an upset stomach, diarrhea, can't eat or sleep and of course the up and down emotions! Boy, makes me wonder why I do this!!! However, I do think I'm ready!! I just have to run smart, be patient, eat, drink, stay mentally tough and most of all believe in myself!! I CAN DO THIS!!!!! I will have a great support system with me, my dear husband Mark, will be crewing and my good friend, Mark Carroll, will be pacing me! Can't ask for much more support than that!! Thanks, guys!! I'll try not to disappoint you and will try to make you proud!!

Friday 10-8-10 8.5 miles on the trails with ab work after. Keith and the Loudonville football team lost once again to Centerburg 24-20. It's been a rough year and is really getting to Keith!! This is the first game, I have actually seen Keith openly show his emotions. Normally he is a pretty tough guy, but when I see tears rolling down his cheeks, I know he is really struggling with all that has been going on amoung the team!! Enough said!!

Saturday 10-9-10 11 miles at Mohican on the horse trails with Mark. Corey and his girlfriend, Lauren were home for the fair. Other than that, a quite Saturday!

Sunday 10-10-10 12 miles on the trails, core work afterwards. Mark, Keith and his girlfriend, Kate went to Cininnati to watch the Bengals, so I slept alot in a quite house.

Monday 10-11-10 TOTAL REST DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 10-12-10 7 slow miles at MO. The CB is about done :) Ab work.

Wednseday 10-13-10 1 mile swim Really enjoying the rest and my body is thanking me!!!!!!

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