Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trying To Be Strong In Sport And Life

Went out to the trails at Mohican this morning and got in 8.5 miles. A slow run but it was nice to be out!! Thank goodness it was a warm, fall morning and I missed the rain that came in later in the day! The right knee is still giving me some trouble but at this point, I don't think I'm doing it any harm running. The pain comes from the inside of the knee when I bend it or try to pick it up. I think I could run faster but I'm so afraid of falling or slipping on the trails. I need to be patient and remember that there is no major races coming up. It's time to take it easy and have some running fun!!

I am trying to get back into my lifting routine, again! It has been a while since I lifted other than boot camp so I my upper body has been sore. I have lost alot of my strength since the 100 but I am hoping it will come back quickly!! I know with the lifting we do in boot camp, I really don't need to do any more lifting but I enjoy it!! The plan is to lift on my own no more than three times a week. That may be alittle much but I'll give it a try!!

This weekend, I plan on running two races, although I won't be racing, just running and enjoying myself!! Saturday, Premier Racing is putting on a race here at Mohican and the proceeds will go to Nu Hop Camp. There will be a number of distances you can choose from, 3.5, 8, 13.5 and 31 miles. I will probably only do the 13 miler unless the pain in my knee is completely gone, then I may consider the 31 miler. On Sunday, it's Run with Scissors, marathon and double marathon. This race will be at Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Peninsula, OH. I will be only doing the marathon and once agian just for fun!! I know I'm probably pushing the recovery alittle but I will be running anyway this weekend so why not run with others and enjoy myself!!!

Now on to the subject of my oldest son, Corey, and all the drama going on in his life!! I am so glad that I am not in my twenties these days!! Feelings and emotions must not mean anything to the younger generation!! I have tried to raise my boys to the best of my ablity and I do now one thing, they are considerate of others and are aware of others feelings!! This girl that has broken Corey's heart must not have been raise that way! She doesn't seem to care who she is hurting or why! All she cares about is herself and to hell with everyone else!! I think she wants her cake and eat it too!! She tells Corey she needs "space" but gets mad at him if he goes out with his buddies!! Very mixed up if you ask me!!!! Poor Corey is in such limbo!!! I just told him to move on but I guess it's easier said then done!!! There will be more to talk about on this subject as the days go on, that I am sure of!!!!! Never a dull moment..........................................

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