Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I finished Oil Creek 100!!!! It was ugly, but I got it done!! A twisted knee and throwing up all night, sure didn't help but thanks to Mark Carroll, my pacer, I made it through in 29 hrs and 18 min. Not really the race I wanted but I got the buckle!! It sure was a slow, long, cold night!! I will try to write a full race report in a few days but right now there is other things on my plate to deal with!! I would also like to thank everyone who supported me in trying to get this monkey off my back, especially my family.

A big thank you to RD, Tom Jennings for putting on a great race and all the great volunteers who put in countless hours putting the race together!!

Right now. I'm trying to recover, although I may try to run tomorrow. I miss my daily routine and am anxious to get back to boot camp!! No rush, however, I really have nothing on the schedule until November, unless I decide to do Run With Scissors on Oct. 30. Am I happy for the finish, Yes but I need to figure some things out before the next one. I guess with each ultra you do, you learn something new!!!

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E-Speed said...

Glad you bagged your 100 for the year! Congrats! Now heal and rest up!