Friday, November 5, 2010

Cold, Snow, and Sickness

It has been a weird kind of day!! Got up for boot camp after a short night of sleep. Very tired but drug myself out of bed. Normally, I run right after class and then swim but not this morning. Keith was home sick from school with strep and bronchitiis so I thought I had better get home to check on him. No swimming today and the running would have to wait!

After waiting hand and foot on him, just like a man likes it when he is sick, I tried to get out the door thinking that a 5 miler would be just fine! I decided to wear tights for the first time this year because I was freezing cold and I'm glad I did!! As soon as I started down the road, there came the first snow flakes of the year!! Ugh!! Not already!!! The snow didn't last long but the wind and the cold did!! I was surprised at how good I felt after a 12 miler yesterday and boot camp earlier. So good, that I ran 8 miles with little effort :)

I had to stop there because Keith needed to eat alittle something before he headed to school in the afternoon for Bio II class. He had a test and in no way, shape or form was he going to miss it, sick or not!! By the time he got home from school, he seemed to be feeling better!! Today, is his girlfriends birthday, so of course he is well enough to go and celebrate with her!!!

Really glad I'm not racing this weekend :) I'm going to try and get out on the trails both Sat. and Sun. and hopefully, have a couple of relaxing runs. Relaxing runs, who me, I promise I'll try :)

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