Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Am Thankful For Just More MIles

It's been a busy week so far!! With Thanksgiving tomorrow, The BIG holiday season upon us and the three boys always coming and going, there just isn't any time to put my feet up and relax!!!

Monday,11-22-10, was a good but busy day. Got up at 5am for boot camp and then met up with Kim Boner for a run at Mohican. We got in 22.5 miles on a warm day. It was great seeing Kim and we had great girlie conversations as we pounded the trails. Monday evening was the Mid Buckeye Conference fall sport banquet in Newark, OH. Keith was invited because he received 2nd team for football!! SOOO very proud of him!!!(3rd and 4th pic.) He has accomplished a lot this year and has improved so much!!!!! Kyle also came home for Thanksgiving break. He is looking good and the above pictures(1st and 2nd pic.) are the before and after haircut!! What a difference!!!

Tuesday,11-23-10, woke up tired and sluggish. It was hard to get motivated but I finally got out the door around 10am for a 6 mile run. Went to the Y for a swim. Did 1.25 miles that included 450yd pull. I really struggled in the water :( It felt like I was pulling a boat!!!!!!

Today, Wednesday,11-24-10, 6am boot camp, 6.5 miles on the road and 1.25 mile swim. I struggled with all the workouts, probably over doing it again!! Simply, TIRED!!! Maybe, tomorrow, if we get all the rain they say we are to get, I will take an entire day of rest!! Do you think that will actually happen?????

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