Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Umstead 100 And Beyond

The first picture is the Ohio women at Umstead - Lindsey, Star, Me, Kathy and Julie

The second picture is the entire Ohio Gang

The third picture - Not sure how it ended up on here - Keith running the 400m in his first meet of the season

I'm finally getting around to writing about Umstead. It's not going to be much, just a little recap. It has taken about a week to get over the sting of the race!! I'm disappointed in myself, not with the time but on how I ran the race. I will never learn!! Always too fast in the beginning and too slow at the end!! Stupid me!!! It was taken a few kind words from a couple of my running friends to finally get me out of my funk and enjoy my accomplishment!!!

The first 65 miles were great and on taget for a 20 hour finish!! I thought I was eating good and running easy, other than my achillies giving me some trouble, I was having a good day, or so I thought :) Then the achy legs that won't run anymore and the upset stomach that causes you to stop way to often to throw up began!!!! The last 24 miles are miles that I would rather forget, as I could barely shuffle along!! Don't get me wrong!! I am pleased with a 2 hr and 4 min PR, finishing the race in 21:58, proud of that accomplishment!! I just need to be smarter and be more patient for the next one!! Number 18 on the wait list for MMT 100!! Bring it on BABY!!!!!!

Recovery has been going well and yes I'm probably doing too much but I HAVE backed off of the running!!

Monday 4-4-11 Nothing - Recovering still from the upset stomach

Tuesday 4-5-11 1 mile swim that included 350yd pull and 100yd kick, Legs actually feeling pretty good but the big toe on my right foot has a bad blister under the nail that is painful!!

Wednesday 4-6-11 3/4 mile swim and 45 min spin class. I just rode easy and got my legs moving :)

Thrusday 4-7-11 5 mile run on the trails. Not a good run :( The body still feels depleted and I have no energy!!

Friday 4-8-11 1.25 mile swim that included 450yd pull and 45 min spin class. Legs are feeling normal!!

Saturday 4-9-11 6 miles at MO. Ran along the river and back. Legs are feeling good :)

Sunday 4-10-11 Forget The PR directors race. Ran 20 miles and at about mile 15 my legs were shot!!!

Monday 4-11-11 1 mile swim and spin class

Today, Tuesday 4-12-11 7 miles on the trail and lifted weights. All I can say is, I will be very sore in the morning from not lifting in about three weeks :))

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