Monday, April 25, 2011


Happy Easter, everyone!! I know it's a day late but I just didn't have time yesterday to post anything. Spent the day with both families and had a nice time!! I gave the boys and two of the girlfriends Easter baskets like usual plus a couple articles of new clothes. I always spend way too much money on things like this but I love to see the happiness in the kids faces :) I even gave myself an Easter present, a day of rest!!

The big surprise of the day is when we went to Marion to see Mark's parents. They gave the best Easter gift to the boys, a new car for each!!!!! Brand new 2011 Toyota Corollas, totally loaded!!!!! They got to pick any color they wanted and the cars will be delivered this week!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!

Today was another dreary day!!!!! Rain, rain please go away!!!!! Ran 6 miles on the road and struggled through the whole thing :( I really need to keep the miles down and get my legs recovered for MMT!! Mentally, I am more than ready, I just need to rest the old legs!!!!! Getting Pumped!!! I also found a pacer :) Joe Crawford from Lucus, will be helping me through the last 35 miles. I hope he can handle a crying old woman!!!!!

Anyway, after my rain, soaked run, I went to the Y and swam 1.25 miles with 450yd pull. Then it was off to spin class for 45 min.. Sure was a hot one in our spin room!!!!! Great training!!!!!!

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