Friday, April 22, 2011

Not Enough Time

This week has just flown by!!!! I have been busy going here and there, getting things ready for Easter and of course, trying to recover from the PR 50k last weekend :)

Sunday April 17, 2011 The Forget The PR 50k took place at 7:30am at Mohican Adventures on the beautiful but tough trails of Mohican!! The course consisted to two loops that included Big Ass hill, North Rim hill and a river crossing, two times!! I knew the course and decided to run smart for a change!!!! The first loop easy and the second loop alittle faster!! It played out pretty good for me until the last 5 miles, where I totally fell apart, I think mainly do to tired legs from Umstead 100 two weeks prior. Plus, there was the fall in the mud!!!!!! 2nd place woman, 18th overall, with a time of 5:44. A special thanks to Suneel Apte and Steve Hannahs, two friends that kept me going!! Also, thanks to Rob Powell for putting on such a great race and to all the volunteers!!!

Monday April 18, 2011 A total day off :) Stiff and sore!!! Holy Crap,I got into MMT 100 :) I WILL finish this year!!!!!!!!

Tuesday April 19, 2011 1.5 mile swim that included 450yd pull. Lifted weights. Right calf muscle extremely sore :(

Wednesday April 20, 2011 5 miles on the road very easy, 1.25 mile swim that included 400yd pull, 45 min. spin class

Thursday April 21, 2011 6 miles on the road, once again very easy!! Lifted weights. Legs are still tired but not sore :)

Friday April 22, 2011 6 miles road, lifted weights and swam 1 mile. Tomorrow I plan on running the Tye Dye 50k but only as a training run!!!

Legs don't fail me now..................................

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