Friday, April 15, 2011

Just Random Things

Kyle with his professor and President of OWU
It's been a busy week but I can't really tell you what I have been doing!! Just Stuff, I guess!!! It's been a recovery/taper week but my legs are still a little sluggish from the 100, two weeks ago. I have only ran three times this week with a couple of swims and spin classes. The PR 50k is Sunday, which should prove to be very interesting for me. I would like to run a good race but I'm not sure I will be able. My plan is to take the first half easy and then try to pick it up from there. I'll just go on how I feel!! Maybe this race will be just for fun and survival!!!! MMT 100 has also been on my mind. I am #4 on the wait list so I guess I'm pretty much in!! Now it's time to find a pacer and prepare myself mentally and not over do it physically!!

Wednesday 4-13-11 1 mile swim and spin class. Very sore from lifting on Tuesday

Thursday 4-14-11 8.5 miles on the trails with beautiful sunshine and warmth! Lifted weights and really struggled with the usual weights so a lot of my lifts had to be lighter. Just like starting over. Keith ran in the Loudonville Invit. and his times are improving :) He ran a 11.5 in the 100 and 56 in the 400. Not were he wants to be but improving!! Kyle attented, with Mark, the banquet at OWU, honoring the top 50 scholar-athletes of the year!! Very proud :)

Friday 4-15-11 1.25 mile swim with a 400yd pull and spin class. Today, I'm having a hard time dealing with the fact that Kyle told us he probably won't run next year. He will have a lot on his plate next year with harder classes, serving as the president for the senior class and working. It's just something I will have to deal with and hope he doesn't regret it later in life :(

Tomorrow, Saturday 4-16-11 Day of rest. I may go help at the PR or go watch Kyle run at the All-Ohio. Maybe both.

Life goes on...........

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