Saturday, April 23, 2011

Missed Messages

The plan for today was to run the Tye-Dye 50k down by Yellowsprings, OH. I was to meet some running friends at Polaris in the early morning. By last night I still hadn't heard what time we were meeting. After trying to get a hold of them, I became frustrated and a bit disappointed. I could drive down by myself but I didn't want to make a two and a half hour drive at 3 am all by my lonesome :( Soooo, I ended not going :( I found out later that I was sent e-mails but for some reason I didn't recieve them!! That's just the way it goes sometimes!!!! I guess there is a reason for everything or maybe I just wasn't suppose to run a 50k!!!!!

Determined to get miles in, I set out about 9:15 am at MO and made my own 50k!!!!! Well, actually it was only 30 miles but it was close enough :) I loved the weather and was drenched in sweat within an hour!!! Very warm!!!!!! Once again, like last week, with 5 miles to go the wheels fell off and I struggled :( Ran it in 7 hrs which is a great training for my up coming 100!!

Three weeks until Massanutten 100!!!!! Time to taper..................................

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Anonymous said...

Wish I could have gotten you hooked up with the rest of the gang, Terri :) Glad you got a good run in anyway. I avoided having myself a mud run that day and instead did the gravelly Highbanks Trails!