Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Review Of Last Week Plus More

Megan and Kyle

It's been over a week since I have last wrote on my blog, so I will begin with the day after The Green Jewel 50k.

Sunday 3-6-11 A complete day of rest because I was very sore!! Kyle come home for spring break :)

Monday 3-7-11 Still too sore to run so I did some cross training. 1.25 miles swimming, spin class and 3.5 miles on the stairmaster.

Tuesday 3-8-11 Ran a slow 11.5 miles on the trails. Still sore and tired but I got it done!! Lifted weights

Wednesday 3-9-11 6.5 miles on the road with legs no longer sore but sluggish!! 1.25 miles swim, spin class

Thrusday 3-10-11 12 miles on the road in the pouring rain but felt much better :) Lifted weights Kyle's girlfriend, Megan, flew in from New Jersey to spend a few days with us until they go back to school.

Friday 3-11-11 10 miles road in wet snow :( Swam 1.5 miles, I got to sleep in alittle because Keith had a 2 hr delay do to the snowy roads! Coery come home, so I was one happy mother :) Everyone together with friends and girlfriends running in and out of the house all weekend!! I loved it!!!

Saturday 3-12-11 PR training run at MO. I got in 20.5 miles. I met up with Michelle Bichsel at the CB to get in extra miles before we met the rest of the group. Legs felt good :)

Sunday 3-13-11 Another PR training run. We were to meet at Mohican Adventures at 9am so I decided to get in extra miles by running from the house which ended up being 2.75 miles one way. Total of 22.5 miles. That was the last push before Umstead in three weeks!! Corey, Kyle and Megan all left to go back to school :( Now it's only my dear, sweet Keith left in the house once again!!

Monday 3-14-11 11 miles on the trails and lifted weights

Tuesday 3-15-11 6 easy miles on the road, core work and swam 1.5 miles with 450yd pull. Raining again :(

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