Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Weekend

I'll start with Saturday's events. I got up at 5:00 am to get in an easy 5 miles because Keith and I had to leave for his indoor track meet at 7:30am. Keith and the Loudonville track team ran the Akron University facility,which by the way is a very nice indoor track. Keith ran in the 4x800 which placed 5th, 8:54.11, the open 400 with a time of 1:00.58 and the 4x400 but I don't know time or place. Kyle, ran at Capital University and won the open 800 with a time of 2:00.20 and placed third in the 4x400. A good day of running by the Lemke's!!

Today, I went up to CNVP and ran the Run For Regis Fun Run. I got in 21.5 miles on snow covered trails that turned icy and slippery and then mush :( The race was put on by Tanya Cady and was put together very well with a well marked course. Thanks, Tanya, for all your hard work! I ran with Mark Carroll for the first 8 miles or so until he decided to pick up the pace and leave me in the snow! Great run, Mark! Then at about 10 miles, I noticed my back starting to ache. I think it was because of all the slipping and sliding. Other then the back, I felt fine and glad to be able to run the 20 miles. Although, some of my friends ran the 50k and watching them come in kind of stung because I wanted to be out there with them :( I was being smart, so everyone says!! I'm alittle sore and stiff but hopefully will be ok by morning. My plan for tomorrow' will be a swim and maybe in the afternoon after I loosen up, I'll lift.

The picture above is Keith #703 before the 4x400.


Don: said...

Nice blog. Got Keith's back side.
The 4X400 got 13th in 3:45.54 or 6th of D II-III.
Great run yesterday, and smart to not go the 31+. So next time you can do some racing.

mark said...

Going easy and limiting yourself to 21 miles was smart. nice decision! Proud of you and so happy that you are running relatively injury free!!!!!