Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowy Trails

Made it out to Mohican this morning and ran 6.5 miles on the beautiful, snow covered trails. Once again it was a very peaceful place to be. I did see a couple of deer, so I guess I wasn't totally alone out there. The snow was pretty deep but not to slippery and I had no trouble running except being tired at the end due to trudging through the snow. It was kind of neat :) I did tell Kyle where I would be at just in case I slipped and fell and didn't come home. However, he probably wouldn't have remembered were I was at!! I have also been wearing my ipod, which I never do, because I thought it might be helpful in the upcoming 100 milers and I need to get use to it. After I returned home and put dry clothes on, I did a weight lifting workout.
Corey and Mark made it home from Lock Haven, PA all in one piece. Corey's grad school interview went pretty well but it's just had telling if he will get in. Out of 200 interviews, they are only picking 70. We are all keeping our fingers crossed! Stay warm everyone and hopefully we won't get too much more snow!

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