Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On The Roads Again

I got out the door about 8:30 this morning and ran 6 miles on either snow covered roads or roads that were all slush. The going was slow, but at least I'm up and running. I really didn't feel the best, I think I just have to get in the hang of things!! After my run, I did abs and woke Corey up to go to the Y. I swam a mile while he lifted and then got in the pool for alittle recovery. Kyle had an interval workout at Wooster Rec Center so he got to sleep in :)
I was informed by Don Baun that starting next week, it's some type of primitive weapons week, so I need to run on the trails the rest of the week. Hopefully, we won't get anymore snow!
Mark and Corey are on their way to Lock Haven, PA because Corey has a grad school interview tomorrow. He is trying to get into Lock Haven's physican assistant program. Everyone say a prayer that he does well!! He also has an interview at Marietta's grad school in a couple of weeks. Talk about having stress!!
Talk Later!!!!!

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