Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Easy, Taper Run

What a beautiful day for an easy run on the trails!! I had to take our dog to the groomer first thing in the morning and didn't get out to the trails until about 9:30. I decided to run along the river to the Covered Bridge and back for, a total of 8 miles. It was so gorgeous with the sun shining on the river, birds chirping and small animal scurrying about! Can't ask for much more, except rested legs! LOL They are getting there but I hate to taper! It makes me feel sluggish, sore and fat!! LOL Hopefully, by the time next weekend rolls around, the taper will pay off and I'll be ready to go! I'm kind of in a panic at this point! It's all the things I have to do and get ready before the race. Hopefully, I won't forget anything when I pack, plus I'm trying to memorize the aid stations and the miles between each. There is always something to think about when getting ready for one of these ultras! David Huss told me something very valuable tonight, enjoy your time of tapering and do something fun!! I think I will!!!

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Anonymous said...

Terri, good luck at MMT! I will be following along on the web and will be sending energy your way. You are going to have a great adventure and meet some great folks! All the best! Lisa Fine