Monday, May 17, 2010


OK! My first DNF of my live in all my running years!! MMT 100 was the hardest thing I have ever attempted in my life! I thought I was ready but I wasn't. I had no idea that it would actually be as difficult as it was. Stupid me!! So many, mountains to go up and down and with all the rocks, it got the best of me!!So unprepared and didn't run it very smart! Not sure what really happened. I got to 77 miles and sat down in a chair and quit. That's not like me but I just couldn't go on!! Maybe I went out to fast and didn't eat right, not really sure but I need to try and fix the problem. So very disappointed at myself :) I put all that hard work in and thought I would be strong enough. What a humbling experience. It's now time to recover, get my head on straight and look to the next race. Maybe Mohican, Burning River and maybe nothing!!

A special thanks to my husband, who crewed me and kept me going for as long as he could. Also, to David Huss, who paced me and had to put up with the slow walk and all the complaining. I'm so sorry I had to put him through that!!! That will probably be the last time he paces a slow, old lady!

LIFE WILL GO ON!!!!!!!!!!


ultrarunnerbrianphilpot said...

It happens! That's a tough race, I hope to get in next year. Maybe we will see you in Mohican!

Anonymous said...

Hey Terri.

It sounds like you battled the demons pretty hard and I understand it's one of the hardest things in the world to go up against. Also know that your friends are proud of you for doing what many never have the courage to do. That race is grueling, and I am sure your pacer and husband know you put everything into it. Hang in there...I know it's hard to bounce back, but you WILL rebound, and become stronger!

Rest, recover, and relax, there are plenty more ahead!

Kyle F

Anonymous said...

Terri, I have nothing but utmost respect for you. Don't beat yourself up over this, and forget the old lady crap. You are an accomplished athlete, and I know that now that you have seen the MMT course you can come back even stronger and mentally prepared for it should you decide to do it again. Hang tough and regroup -- hope to see you ont he trails again soon! Lisa Fine