Friday, April 30, 2010

The Last Hard Week Before MMT

This week has been my last high mileage week before Massanutten 100! I think by the end of tomorrow I should have in 80+ miles. It's been alittle difficult recovering from the John Bryan 50k but I got through it!! At times this week, I really had to force myself to run and do my cross training but I knew that after Sunday, it would be all down hill until the race! I'm nervous about MMT, with alot of things running through my mind. Things like can I finish, will I get lost, will I drink and eat enough, ect. but I think these thoughts are pretty common before a hundred. The main thing I need to do is just stay focused, relaxed and say alot of prayers!!

This week of running looked like this :

Sunday April 25 - Complete day off, if you can believe that!!

Monday April 26 - 9 miles on the road in the am, lifted weights and 4 miles on the road in the pm

Tuesday April 27 - 16.5 miles on the trails at MO with Kim Boner and 1 and 1/4 mile swim

Wednesday April 28 - 10.25 miles on the road, lifted weights and swam 1 mile

Thrusday April 29 - 15 miles on the trails at MO and lifted weights

Friday April 30 - 10 miles on the trails at MO and swam 1 and1/4 miles

The plan for tomorrow will be to run 5 miles in the morning and then a night run with a group of fellow ultra runners. We are planning on running around 35 miles starting Saturday envening and running into Sunday morning. Hopefully we won't get caught in a thunderstorm! Stay tuned..................

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