Monday, April 5, 2010

101 Miles

Last week, I got 101 miles in for the week!! It's been years since I have done that and at this point no injuries :) My week goes from Sunday to Saturday so it looked like this:

Sun. 3-28 Fools 50k
Mon. 3-29 DNR, 1 mile swim, 45 min.spin class
Tues. 3-30 8.5 miles road, lifted weights
Wed. 3-31 10 miles road, lifted weights, 1 and1/4 mile swim
Thrus. 4-1 10.5 miles trail, lifted weights
Fri. 4-2 15 miles trail with Kim Boner, 1 mile swim
Sat. 4-3 26 miles trail,a group meet at 7 am. I ran with Mark Carroll and friend, Michael Patton, David Huss, Stephen Zeidner, Mitch Myers, Luca Blengio, Don Baun, Julie Bowen-Miller, Thomas Patton and Cheryl. It was a great time!!

Total = 101 miles

Yesterday, Sunday 4-4 Happy Easter!!! Ran 5 miles in the morning before church and then 5.2 miles in the evening. Keith ran the first 3 miles with me and just about killed me. He ran fast and I was tired :)

Today, Monday 4-5 Another beautiful day on the trails. 10.25 miles on very tired legs. After about 3 miles, I started to feel better. I guess that was from sleeping in this morning :) Lifted weights.

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