Monday, April 19, 2010

Forget The PR 50k

First and foremost, I would like to thank Rob Powell for putting on such a great race. The race was well organized, well marked and had great aid stations! My hat goes off to Rob and Michelle Bichsel for putting on one of the best trail races in Ohio. I would also like to thank all of those that volunteered at the aid stations and course markings because without you we wouldn't be able to have great races like this one!!!

The race started at 8am on Sunday, April 18, and my plan was to try to get out as close to the front as I could, so by the time we hit the trails, which is single track, I wouldn't be bottled in. The plan worked well and I got with some runners that were running the pace that I wanted. The first 11 miles were at a pretty good pace, around 8:30 min. per mile which is pretty quick for me out on the trails. I was feeling comfortable and running with a good group. In that group was my good friend Mark Carroll and Kyle Fahrenkamp along with a couple other runners. Of course, I was unable to keep up with Mark and Kyle, but at that point I was running 3rd for the women and was trying to hold a good pace. In the beginning, I was also running with Star Blackford, who is a very accomplished runner and is getting better and better!! It is always fun to run with Star as she keeps me going with all her stories!! Thanks, Star!! At the half way point, I was still feeling good and strong. Still in 3rd for the women but the other two women were about 5 minutes ahead of me and I was ok with that!! At mile 20, I sort of started to feel my legs getting tired and my calves were started to cramp alittle but the only way you can get done is put on foot infront of the other and try to block out the pain!! I was able to catch Kyle and a couple other runners by mile 23 at the Firetower and still going strong!! With four miles left, the pain really set in! One foot in front of the other as fast as I could was the only way I could keep myself going. With one mile to go, I was pretty sure I would place 3rd for the women but I was getting dizzy and my legs were cramping. Once I got to the top of the big hill on the North Rim, I started to feel better and tried to run the down hills as fast as I could and on to the finish!! Time - 5:01, 3rd woman and 15th overall, 18 minutes faster than last year, I'll take it!! First place went to Beth Woodward and second place to Jenny Anderson. Great running ladies!!! What a beginner mistake I made by only drinking and not eating. I think If I would have taken the time to eat at one of the aid stations, I may have been able to run alittle better the last 4 miles! Will I ever learn? All in all, a good effort on my part!! Congrats, to all the runnners!! I think the best part of the day was hanging around after and cheering the runnners on as they finished!!!

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