Friday, April 9, 2010

More Miles

I haven't been able to write on my blog lately because we have had computer trouble. We have went from three computers to one and of course I'm the last one that gets the chance to get on!! So while no one is home, I have the chance to use it :) It's been a long and busy week with alot of miles on my poor legs!
Sunday 4-4-10 10.2 miles, 5 miles in the am and 5.2 miles in the pm, 3 of those miles with Keith

Monday 4-5-10 10.5 miles on the road and lifted weights

Tuesday 4-6-10 10.5 miles on the trails at Mohican and swam 1 and 1/4 miles, with 450yd pull. Keith had his first outdoor track meet of the season. He placed 1st in all four of his events. The 4x100, 4x200, 4x400, and the open 400 with a pr of 55.7. I am so proud of him. He look strong and smooth!!

Wednesday 4-7-10 15.5 miles on the trails at Mohican and lifted weights. Legs were tired for the first 3 miles and then they loosened up. I did the 25k in about 2 hrs and 40 min. !!

Thrusday 4-8-10 15.5 miles again at Mohican with Kay Hunt and Duane Rader. We got alittle wet but it was great to run with company! After our run, I went to the Y and swam a mile and a fourth with 450yd pull. We talked to Kyle and his foot is starting to improve. He can now put some pressure on it and he has been swimming and biking!

Friday 4-9-10 6.5 miles on the road and lifted weights. My legs are very tired and need a break, so today was kind of a break day :) Tomorrow will be a 15 miler at MO, plus Keith has a track meet. Sunday, I will be running with Corey at the Athens Half- Marathon. It will be his first half and I wouldn't miss it for the world!!! After that, It will be taper time for the PR 50k :)

Friday 4-

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