Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almost Here

Three and a half days until Mohican 100!! There is a whole range of emotions that one goes through, the week leading up to the race. For me, there are times when I feel excited, nervous, scared and thoughts of what the heck am I doing!! Drop bags are packed, clothes are layed out and food is ready. Hopefully, I'm ready!!!! It sure will be an interesting race with all the mud, deep stream crossings and the heat and humidity!! I have to remember to start out slow, eat and drink like crazy!!!! My goal is to better my time from last year but just to finish will be great!!

I have been crawling out of my skin, the last couple of days!! Not much running, no swimming or lifting but I have been pretty faithful on the core work. I have alot of extra energy, so things around the house are finally getting done. The last two days, I have washed windows and blinds, dusted, cleaned the floors and did all the laundry and ironing! I am also having trouble sleeping so alittle tylenol pm does wonders :) Yesterday, I did not run and today, I ran 6 miles on the trails. I started at Bridle Staging Area and ran the red loop to the first stream crossing. I did not cross but it probably would have been thigh deep. I ran back and then found my way to the last crossing which was much deeper, probably about waist deep. It will be an interesting race with deep water, mud and those stupid deer flies!!! Good Luck to all running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!