Saturday, January 8, 2011

Running In The New Year

It's been an entire week since I have been on my blog so I will try to give a summary of a very busy first week of the year. With all three of the boys home, there seems to be a lot of activity here at the Lemke household!! I do love it but sometimes it's a little overwhelming when they all need something!! I have had to do about everything for everyone which gave me little time for working out, of course, with the exception of RUNNING :) Between Christmas and New Year, cooking, cleaning, extra laundry, colds, the flu, cold and snowy weather and simply spending time with each of the boys, left me with little time for myself except running and an occational weight lifting session. No time for cross training which probably was a blessing in disguise!!! Corey has left for nursing school at Kent State, Kyle left to go back to OWU and Keith is starting his 2nd semester as a Jr. at LHS. This equals out to be a very sad mom and a very quite house :( Sooooo, it's back to running, swimming, spinning and lifting, with the possiblity of starting up bootcamp in Feburary!!

The first week of the year went like this...........

Saturday 1-1-11 Get you Fat Ass To The Bio 50k at Granville, OH near Dennison University. No one really knows for sure if it was exactly a true 50k but it was fun! Started out in the 60's with rain and ended in the 40's with rain!! A very muddy and wet 7+ mile loop that you could run at least 4 times. I did the 50k with the the first two loops at a pace under 5 hrs for a 50k but then suffered on the third loop which cost me some time and then came back on the fourth loop. My time was somewhere around 5:10. Very pleased :) Thanks to Chris Gillman, who ran with me the first two laps and to Jay Smithberger for putting on the event!!

Sunday 1-2-11 No soreness from Saturday's run!! I guess the chocolate milk thing really works!! Ran 8.5 miles on the trails at Mohican.

Monday 1-3-11 10.3 miles on the road and lifted weights.

Tuesday 1-4-11 12 miles on the trails and swam 1 mile that included 450 yd pull.

Wednesday 1-5-11 6 miles on the road in the AM and lifted weights. Kyle needed to do a track workout, which he can do at the indoor track in Wooster, so I decided to tag along. I ended up with 5 more miles in the PM. 1 mile warm-up, 3 miles of 200 and 400 yd pick-ups and 1 mile warm down.

Thrusday 1-6-11 Kimba's Birthday run at Mohican. Dan Bellinger, Cheryl Splain, Nancy Dillion, Chris Gillman and myself, celebrated her birthday with a 16 mile run!! Itwas a wonderful morning as the snow began to fall and turn the trails into a winter wonderland. When we got to the Big Lyons Falls, we were surprised by a huge ice sculpture that had formed from the water falling off of the falls!! Really neat!!! After the run, we all enjoyed cupcakes that I had made :) I decided I wanted more miles, so I ran 4 more, for a total of 20!!

Friday 1-7-11 8.6 miles on the road with very tired legs and lifted weights. Went with Kyle, again, to the track and ran a 4 mile tempo run!!

Saturday 18-11 11 miles on the trail along the river and then up the hill on the bike path. It was hard running due to the snow that fell during the night!! It's muzzle loading season so I needed to stay close to the park.

Total for the week(Sun.-Sat.) 84.4 miles

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