Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who Needs A Trainer

I felt like Rocky, today!!! The scene were he is running through the snow, was me, only I didn't have any weight on my back!! That is exactly what I was thinking, as I was trudging up the first big xterra hill, which will be the first hill on the new PR course. It sure was slow going but I tried to push myself the best I could!!!

The other thought that came into my head, was the thought of how great it was to put my body through this type of conditioning and not have to pay for it!!!lol All you have to do is run on the trails, in the snow and you have a great workout for free!!! I think I was using every muscle trying to stay upright from all the slipping and sliding. Sometimes you are running fast and sometimes you are barely walking!! You use everything from leg muscles, to the core and even the arms!!! No wonder I'm tired tonight :)

11 miles in for the day, followed by weights.

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