Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

Well, the weekend is over and it had it's good and bad moments!!

First of all the good. I'm finally feeling better after about 2 days of the stomach flu and then 3 days of trying to recover. After an entire week, I got to the Y for a mile swim. Got shopping done and some of the house cleaned plus very grateful that we have a warm house since it has been so very cold out!! Got some miles in although they were slow and I was tired!! Kyle placed second for OWU in the 800 at their home meet on Saturday. He is finally starting to come around after his broken foot and knee problems. Corey seems to be settling in at Kent and Keith is enjoying his second semester classes thus far. He is also enjoying the snow days but will have to start making them up if they have anymore :(

Now for the not so good!! I will start by saying"I hate being and getting old!!" It seems like my mind says go, go, go but my body feels otherwise!! Because my body is suffering, my mind is starting to give up!! And the vicious cycle goes round and round!! I tell myself to be gracious and wise and except the changes in my body but it is so very hard!! I try to remind myself of this as I am running on the snow covered trails, trying to keep from crying. It was just so hard running in the snow and every part of me was saying STOP!!!!! I drudged on for 16 miles finally stopping and wondering why I do this to myself and wondering why I think I can stay up with those 20 years younger. I don't know if I can answer these questions but I can tell you that I LOVE TO RUN and it is in my blood!! I just have to get through this age and change of life thing!!! I know that there are going to be bad days, but the good days always out weigh those darn bad ones!! SO, I shall continue to try to be the best I can!!!!!!

Saturday - 6 miles on the dreadmill in the am, 1 mile swim that included 300yd pull and 6 miles on the road in the pm

Sunday - 16 miles on the trails at MO

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