Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Running With Kimba

This morning I met up with Kim Love-Ottobre at Mohican. Kim wanted to get a long run in on hills of Mohican so I jumped at the chance to run with some good company :) Kim is preparing to be the first woman in Ohio to finish MMT 100 and I truely believe she will do it!!!!

We started our adventure around 9am and soon found that the running would be slow going due to the poor footing caused by the snow. No hurry, it's time on your feet that is most important when preparing for 100 milers!! Kim is such a strong and agile runner that the snow gave her no problem. As for me, by the end of the run my quads were tired and my right knee was hurting. Two days of running long in the snow makes this old body breakdown!!!! It was fun to see all the little, wild animal tracks in the snow and wonder what they had been doing or where they were going!! We had a great time and good conversation along the way, which makes the time go fast and before we knew it, we were done. Total 18 miles.

Thanks, Kim!!!!!!

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