Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Damp Kind Of Day

After a day off yesterday, the legs have bounced back nicely :) The quads are alittle sore but after my short, slow run today, they are fine!! The goal for the week will be to run only 6 miles a day plus cross training until the weekend and then hopefully, I will try to get in a couple of 20 milers on the trails.

Today was wet and dreary but at least it was warm :) I even thought about running in shorts but chickened out at the last minute!! Ran a nice and easy 6.5 miles on the road and felt good so I guess the day off did me some good!! I thought about running on the trails but I figured they would be pretty sloppy and I have had my fill of snowy, sloppy trails so the road sounded pretty darn good :) After my run, I lifted weights and did some much needed house work. I also took an unplanned nap but it sure felt good!!lol

Until tomorrow.................................

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