Friday, January 21, 2011

Still Under The Weather

Still not feeling well :( No energy and the stomach is still upset which means no eating which is why there is no energy!!lol Kind of a merry-go-round cycle!!! The price of getting old, I guess!!! I sure hope this passes soon!!!

I was able to force myself on the treadmill by late morning. Keith had a snow day and Corey had came home the night before so since they all slept in, so did I :) I knew the roads would be in bad shape and I didn't want to fight the snow covered trails so I decided it would be on the wonderful dreadmill!!! 10 miles of trying not to throw-up was no fun but I survived!! I then decided to lift weights which was not a smart idea since I had no strength, but I got that done!! You guessed it, I was trashed the rest of the day and have now spent all evening lying around.

Maybe a trail run in the morning with friends!! Stay tuned.......................

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Leigh said...

I hope you can kick this thing soon! Rest up =)