Sunday, July 18, 2010

Buckeye Trail 50K

The Summer Buckeye Trail 50k was held yesterday at CVNP. My goal for this race was once again to run an even paced race with out punishing myself. I also wanted to run it in 6 hrs. Score!! Both goals accomplished!! My time 5 hrs.56 min. without too much punishment or pain except for the extreme heat and humidity!! The race actually started out rather cool compared to earlier this week, so I'm thinking this won't be to bad. By the time the race was half over, it was hot and starting to take a toll on all of us runners!
The first half of the race was fine. I was running a comfortable pace at around 10 min. miles. I was blessed to meet up with two guys, one from PA and one from the Orrville area, that kept me in check with pace and time but at the same time, we had great conversation. I didn't catch their names but thanks, guys!!
At the turn-a-round, I noticed that I was feeling alittle dizzy in the heat, so I took alittle longer at the aid station inorder to consume more liquid. Once I left the aid station, my though was to try to pick up the pace, which I did for awhile, but the heat and humidity started to take it's toll and instead of worrying about time, it became trying to get to the finish! Thanks to Mark Carroll and Dan Bellinger at the Snowville aid station, who made me gatorade and poured water on me in order to revive my withering body! With 3 miles to go, I probably walked more than I should of but I was able to pass four runners. Once again, I get comfortable with my place and pace, and just finish without a strong push!! Oh, well, it wasn't a goal race, no tapering and plain old running for the fun of it, so i'm happy with my performance. I think I placed 7th for the women and in the 30's overall. I did however, win the old lady award, so that's something!!!
The great thing about this race, is the fact that it's an out and back course, so you pass alot of new and old faces, calling out encouragement to each other! Congrats, to all the runners!!!!! Once again, Vince Rucci put on a great race!! Thanks, to him and all the volunteers at the aid stations! We couldn't run without you!!

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