Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just got back from Keith's football game at Ontario. It was a make up game from last night do to a thunderstorm. We won 35-7. Keith played on offense all night and did some very good blocking. He also played defense in the second half. A good night overall and it wasn't raining like last night.

Yesterday, I ran 6 miles and swam a mile and a half with 450yds pull.
Today, I got in 11.5 in the morning with Haley Young, a girl on the C-C team here in Loudonville. I actually ran 8 miles with Haley and by the time I ran from my house to her's and back, it ended up being 11.5. Overall, It was a good run and for a change I felt pretty good. I think that running with others really helps. I also think that I am recovered from the race last weekend. I need to remember to take it easy the week after I race and not freak out about it! After my run, I lifted. Did benching, flies, shoulders and abs.

Tomorrow we are going down to see Kyle at OWU. Since it was his B-day this week, we are going to take him out to lunch. I probably won't get to bed until late because Keith is with a FRIEND and won't be home until12:30am so I'm not sure how far or where I will run tomorrow. Talk Later........

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Don: said...

Nice blog. Glad you got to run with Haley. We have a new strategy for her on Tuesday.
I keep telling her you don't run with her because she's to slow. She doesn't believe me. Of course I like jerking her chain. She's too easy.
Nice win for the football team. Next week will be the true test, as Crestview has a good team. But congrats to the boys. I need to get back to my blog soon. Take care.