Sunday, August 23, 2009


Actually, I'm feeling pretty good today. My body must be getting used to these ultra things. My legs and back are a little stiff but other than that everything is good! Seems like I must have done everything right after the race. I drank chocolate milk, got out of the car every hour on the way home, stretched last night and took an ice bath. After all these years I think I have the recovery thing figure out OR I ran way to slow yesterday. That is probably why I'm feeling ok, the running slow part!!
I swam a mile today instead of running. The water was cold but I think it helped my muscles recover. Tomorrow I plan on running, probably 5 or 6.
Went to Wal-Mart to get Keith his school supplies. Corey and Kyle start classes tomorrow and Keith starts school on Tuesday, where did the summer go!!
Nap time!!

Just remembered to add a picture of our dog Rollo at the Loudonville swimming pool. They had a dog swim since today was their last day open for the summer. He was not a happy camper!!!

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