Friday, August 7, 2009

Stay Off the Roads!!!

Keith got his license today!!! I don't know who was more nervous, me or him! He got a100% on his maneuverability test and a 95% on the driving part. I have mixed emotions on this? I'm happy he passed but worried about him being on the road. Corey had his license taken away for speeding about 6 months after he got his license. Kyle has totaled one car driving out to DON BAUN'S house about 2 months after he got his license, got picked up for speeding, and his girlfriend at the time, totaled his second car when he was 17. So, as you can see am alittle nervous but I guess you have to leave them go sometime!! God be with him!

Ran 6 miles this morning and I do believe my leg and back are getting better!!HEY!! Did weigths and swam 1 and a fourth mile with 350m pull and 100m kick. Even though I am feeling better physically, mentally I have been struggling a bit. I kind of have to force myself to run. Hopefully, once the races start in the fall I'll feel better. I'm posting a picture of corey, kyle and I before our run on Thrusday. I'm planning on doing two long runs back to back this weekend. We'll see!!

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