Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Hot Summer Day

Started my run at Mohican this morning a little before 8:00am. Mark, my hubby, ran the first 10 miles with me. We ran the purple loop and to the lodge. The heat wasn't to bad at this point but we sure were sweating! Mark had enough at the covered brigde. We stopped at the cars to refill the water bottles and eat alittle. Mark left for home and I started up to the fire tower. Sunbury's C-C team was a little ahead of my so I caught up with them and ran a couple of miles in their company. After the fire tower. I headed down on the bike trail which took me back to the covered bridge. About 15 miles in at that point. I needed 5 more, so I started on the orange loop which is pretty much all up hill. I ran three miles and then turned around and got to run down the hill. I was really beat at the finish. When I started the last 5 miles I could tell the heat was taking it's toll. But you know me there is no stopping! lol. Ran it in a little under 4 hours so I guess that's ok for today. Next weekend however, for the Germantown 50k, I'll have to be quicker. Hopefully I'll be ready!!

Tomorrow I plan to run 10 miles before I start to taper. I will either head back out to the trails or go run with the Mansfield y running club. I'll see how I feel in the morning.

Stay cool!!!!!!

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