Monday, August 3, 2009

A Busy Day

I got up at 6:00 this morning and hit the floor running. First however, I had to pack Keith's lunch because High School two a days started. Keith is my baby and will be a sophomore at Loudonville High School. He playes corner back and receiver and is hoping to play varsity this year. They practice from 7:30am to 1:00pm. That makes for a long day!
After I got him down to the school, I went out and ran 6 miles. The run went pretty good but my pace is so slow that it drives me crazy!! The slower I run however, the better my back and leg feel. So I guess that will have to due for now! Did my benching, shoulder press, flies and abs for my weight workout. Also had to pack Corey's lunch for work. Kyle had the day off so he slept in and then went out mid-morning for 11 miles at 6:20 pace. Not Bad!! After my lift, I went to the Y for a 1 1/4 mile swim. I did 3 sets x 100m freestyle sprints, 100m pull and 100 kick with kickboard.
While I'm doing all this, a repair man came to fix our upstairs shower.It had some kind of leak. I got home from the Y just in time to pick Keith up from practice and say good bye to Kyle who was leaving for the day to go spend time with his roommate for this school year at OWU. Her name is Lauren and they are best friends. She is a great gal and a runner also. Hopefully, she will keep an eye on Kyle for me this year. LOL I then had to get Keith lunch and take him to work.
Once home, I cleaned the floors because of the mess the repair man made and made some more homemade applesauce. Time to make dinner, which was meatloaf, clean-up the kitchen and now finally sitting down to write on my blog. I now have to get after Keith to go to bed because of practice in the morning. He is my night owl!! I think I have everything done for now, so, finally off to bed.

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