Saturday, August 1, 2009

Depressed on the Trail

I even feel more depressed than ever after following everybody during the burning river 100 on the computer. It looks like everyone is hanging in there!! I bet the heat in taking it's toll. I'm saying lots of prayers for everyone.

Got up this morning and was out on the trail about 8:ooam. I was pretty down that I wasn't running with everyone at the BR100. I thought that a trail run would lift my spirits and not be so hard on my back and leg. It was a nice morning although humid. Not many bikers out either which was nice. It was quite so it gave me alot of time to think about the race going on, my injury, training and the goals I need to set. I got in 18.5 without to much pain until...with 2 miles left I tripped and slid down the trail. It took me a minute to collect myself . I haven't fallen in a long time so I guess I was due for a spill. I layed there for a minute and saw my water bottle slid down the trail infront of me. When I fall it's not pretty and it jars my insides. No blood but I did fall on my bad leg. My ankle and hip were hurting and the top of my foot. Started to walk down the trail to try and walk it off and it seemed to work. Ran the rest of the way without trouble. However, I do think I will be stiff in the morning. To bad I didn't fall the other way, Maybe it would have pushed my back the other direction to help the pinched nerve!! When I got home,did some light lifting and abs.

This coming Thrusday, Keith, my youngest will turn 16. So, I decided to go Birthday shopping. I think the walking and spending money helped loosen me up. LOL. Talk Later!!!


Don: said...

Terri nice Blog.
First, are those real tattoos on Kyle? The ones from a previous blog.
I saw you and Kyle running on the CC course. I tried to catch up and even took a short cut and still did not catch you. I was running with Andrew and Angela was some what behind. We ran the Tannehill loop.
Thanks for the kudos on Kyle. I hope you did not spend too much money on Keith. It may hurt more than the fall.

Mark Carroll said...

I love your Blog Terri!!
Hey it turns out we have friends in common. I have known Lauren Wright and her family since she was 2! Nice girl and nice family. Some time when you come to Delaware get ahold of'd like the trails at Delaware State Park...very flat but beautiful : )!!

4-EVER RUNNING said...

Terri said,
Don't worry Don the tatoos are not real.Sorry we missed you on the course. Kyle had a recovery run so he ran slow and I had to run fast. We ran the course twice.BORING!!If you want to run on the trails sometime let me know.As far as spending money,I probably spent too much but not all on Keith. I had to make myself feel better. LOL

4-EVER RUNNING said...

Hey Mark,
Great job at burning river. It sounds like it was a tough one this year. I guess they are all tough!!
My son, Kyle, will be rooming with Lauren this school year at OWU. I love Lauren. She is so nice and I could talk to her for hours. What a small world! I would love to run with you some time. I will be down at OWU alot in the next couple of weeks with Kyle moving in. I'll let you know.