Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Nice Morning on the Trails

I'm finally posting a picture of Keith on his 16th Birthday. Wouldn't it be nice to be young again! Well, maybe not that young! Sometimes I look back and think that I would do some things different but I actually have no complaints!! Well, their are somethings but I won't get into that now!!LOL

Ran 15.5 on the trails. Did the orange loop at Mohican. Really a nice morning! It rained a little but not enough to get me wet under the trees. Since it was cloudy, the sun didn't bake me and the humidity was not high. Ran the loop in under 3 hours which was a very comfortable pace plus my leg and back were hurting again so I didn't want to push to hard. It doesn't hurt enough not to run but it just feels very irritated. I have to look back and try to see why one day I'm ok and the next day I'm hurting. I'm starting to think it might have to do with the weight lifting. I might try to back off alittle bit and see if that helps. I think the swimming is ok plus it is the only way I can do any kind of speed workouts and I never have pain when I swim. So, with that being said, what did I do after my run , I lifted. REAL SMART. Tomorrow, I plan to run 20+ miles on the trail again and I promise I'm not going to lift!!

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Kim said...

I am enjoying your blog Terri, but you make me tired with all your workouts!