Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Busy Lemke Day


Corey at Marietta

Ran 8 miles at 5:30 this
morning because we had a lot going on. That was all I had time to do today because of Corey leaving and Keith's football scrimmage at Smithville. Mark Went with Corey and I went to watch Keith.

Corey, age 21, is a senior at Marietta College and wants to be a PA. He plays cornerback and is their place kicker. However, when he first was recruited by Marietta, he was a QB. At Loudonville High School, he played QB and kicked varsity all four year. He holds the following records:most passing in a season, most rushing TD's in one game, most pts. scored in one game, most rushing attempts in one game and most rushing yd.'s in one game. That is pretty much life for Corey, FOOTBALL!! He had a hard time going from HS to college! Honestly I never thought he would stick it out but he did and now loves it. I'm very proud of him!! After his freshman year, Marietta weeded out the QB's and sent Corey to defense. He didn't care because all he wanted to do is play. That is were he is at now, playing at CB and kicking.

Keith got to play varsity today, both defense and offense. He's a wide receiver and CB. He played well but it was hard to tell who was who because they only had practice jerseys on without numbers. I did see him make an interception and some tackles. I think I missed everything else. Even though two of the three boys play football, it's not my favorite.

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get a long run in plus swim. I am going down to OWU in the afternoon, to take Kyle shopping. Until then...........

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