Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sleeping In

Can you believe it, I slept in until 10:00 today. It was so wonderful!!! I did nothing today, as far as working out. No running, lifting or swimming. I just kept telling myself that my body needs to rest for this weekend. It's very hard for me not to run or do some type of working out. A little OCD wouldn't you say!! I did fine until this evening, then I started to feel sluggish and fat!! Tomorrow I will probably swim or I may run with OWU girls C-C team when they come down for a fun time at Mohican. It all depends on how far they go and HOW FAST!!

I did keep busy today getting the house and pool ready for the team. I think they will be here around 1:30. They will run, canoe and end up at our house for pizza and a swim. Hopefully everyone will have a good time.

Kyle called me this morning after his 2 mile time trial at OWU. He got 2nd with a 9 min 54 sec. First mile was a 4:59 and he negitive split the 2 mile with a 4:55. Pretty awesome! He deserves it because he worked hard this summer. Real proud of him. Corey seems to be doing well down at Marietta. Not as hot today so practice went better for him. He has been kicking well, making 45 yd field goals! Keith went to get his schedule for the up coming school year and thank God they didn't screw anything up. He got all the classes he needs. Just giving you alla short update on the boys. LATER............

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Nick said...

Wished I could join you this weekend.
I'm actually glad I'm not running it as I'm not ready for a race.
I'll be at Mohican on Sunday...I think.
Good Luck.